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🏗️ AI Best Practices

ChatGPT has been around for over six months now. When it first launched, many were amazed by the capabilities of AI. Some even thought it would replace human jobs.

But after the initial hype died down, it seems AI hasn't replaced as many human roles as expected. In fact, I’ve noticed many people, including myself, using AI less frequently after the novelty wore off.

Upon reflection, I realized the issue may not be with the AI itself, but with our imagination 😂. There are still many creative ways we can use AI that have yet to be explored. Tasks that were tedious before could improve 10x with the right AI application - we just need to spread awareness of these use cases.

To help everyone use AI more effectively, I've created this "AI Best Practices" section to share practical and interesting AI applications. Hope you enjoy!

Feel free to share your own ideas in our Discord too! 😁

🧮 Use AI to Track Daily Calorie Intake

Use AI to log what you eat and generate summary statistics.

💬 Using AI to Prepare for the IELTS Speaking Exam

Use AI to boost your IELTS score.

Using AI to Record and Summarize Book Notes (Work in Progress)

Utilize AI to organize and summarize reading notes.

📖 Using AI to assist in reading research papers

Using AI to assist in reading research papers.

🎧 Use AI tools to listen to podcasts and watch videos.

Using AI to listen to podcasts and watch videos can enhance efficiency.