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🧭 ChatGPT Learning Path

If you want to learn systematically​

  • If you're not very familiar with AI, Prompt Engineering, or even ChatGPT, I suggest starting from the basics. The basics explain AI products for total beginners, or in other words, focus more on prompts.
  • If you already know the basics and want to learn building better AI products and more prompt engineering, you can jump straight to the advanced sections.

If you just want a quickstart​

  • If you just want a quick overview of AI product tips, go through the tips section which summarizes everything.
  • If you already know the basics but want more use cases, check out the resources & product recommendations.

How to read​

You can run the ChatGPT prompt examples directly in the doc. Note this uses the Dyno embed feature. If you don't see the examples below, check your network settings and browser JS permissions. If visible, click Generate. It will first prompt you to enter your personal ChatGPT API key (don't worry, stored locally only) to run the examples:

If you can't access ChatGPT due to network issues, or tired of complex AI. Try our PoleStar Chat instead:

Currently Mac only, Windows coming soon. We provide some free quota for registered users to try out.

Join our Discord too! Leave feedback and suggestions for our product there. We also have an AI sharing channel for perspectives on AI. I'll share some of my own AI thoughts there as well.