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🧭 Midjourney Learning Path


This tutorial contains lots of images. If you can't see them, please check your network.

Frankly, a linear tutorial isn't the best way to learn Midjourney. In the future, AI may enable me to make something cooler.

To quickly get Midjourney newcomers up to speed, I made this learning path. Hope it helps guide your journey.

If you want to teach kids​

Kids are the future, so if you have a child, learn together! 😁

Unfortunately I don't have sample users to test with, so you may need to adapt this for your kid. Here's a suggested approach:

  • Step 1: Help them sign up, and teach them to use the Midjourney bot.
  • Step 2: Teach them to lookup English words.

I believe that reaching this step is sufficient, and there is no need to teach children templates. Let them unleash their imagination. Then I started to think, if I had such a tool when I was young, how would I want my teacher to teach me and what to teach me?

I might want:

  • Step 3: Themed exploration. Explore and create around a time period, art movement, artist etc. Have Midjourney paint the night sky in da Vinci's style, Van Gogh paint eggs, very cool. Or have kids make an illustrated storybook?

Suggested chapters:

  1. How to Use Midjourney
  2. Midjourney Basics Prompt Structure
  3. Midjourney Common Parameters
  4. Text Prompt β€” Illustrations
  5. Text Prompt β€” Games
  6. Text Prompt β€” Framework

If you want a systematic learning path​

Please choose one of the paths according to your actual situation.

  1. If your work does not involve generating images, you can choose a topic that interests you and practice with it. The following are the chapters you must read:
    1. How to Use Midjourney
    2. Midjourney Basics Prompt Structure
    3. Midjourney Common Parameters
    4. Text Prompt β€” Framework
    5. Midjourney Official FAQ
  2. If your work involves generating images, you can select the relevant chapters that are related to your work. And don't be afraid to use them in your workflow. Just like how the carpenter didn't become obsolete with the introduction of power tools, but rather, skilled craftsmen who make good use of tools earn higher incomes.

Also, imitating others' work is a great way to learn. When you see an amazing image, think about what prompt it used. Try it out and compare. If different, consider asking for their exact prompt.

If you just want a quickstart​

If you already know how to use Midjourney but don't know how to generate higher quality images, you can quickly go through all the tips chapters and the framework summary at the end. Here is a summary of the tips in each chapter: