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πŸ‘‹ Hello everyone

As of March 24, 2023, this tutorial has over 500 stars on Github. Thank you all for your support.

Starting this week, in addition to ensuring content updates, the site will also update a practice of mine every week. I hope everyone can explore various AI applications with me 😁

Recently received some questions from friends, I will answer them together here.

Q1: When will picture prompts be updated?

To be honest, I've written several, but the more I write, the more I feel that what I'm sharing is just some English words.

The meaning of image prompts may be smaller, and I think the probability of being eliminated in the short term is greater. So I shelved the writing for the time being, and turned to study some auxiliary tools, which may be more meaningful.

Q2: Is there a group?

Sorry, there is no group for the time being.

Because I still haven't figured out how to provide differentiated value. Just gathering everyone together, I feel the value is relatively small.

Q3: Will some prompt templates be shared?

Q4: How to register ChatGPT?

Sorry, you can search or google this by yourself,.

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